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Group five year summary (unaudited)

The following information has been prepared on a 52 week basis and excludes, for the 2012 to 2013 comparative years, the Group’s former Post Office Limited (POL) subsidiary, which was transferred to Royal Mail Holdings plc (subsequently renamed Postal Services Holding Company Limited) on 1 April 2012. The Directors are of the view that this presentation provides a meaningful comparative history of the current Group excluding POL.

This five year summary includes the financial performance and position of the DPD SL subsidiary, up to and including the 2014 reporting year, after which time it was sold (on 31 March 2015).

Income statement - Adjusted
Financial reporting year (52 weeks) ended March
Income statement - Adjusted2016 £m2015 £m2014 £m2013 £m2012 £m
Operating profit before transformation costs742740729595372
Transformation costs(191)(145)(241)(195)(229)
Operating profit after transformation costs551595488400143
Finance costs(13)(26)(67)(99)(100)
Profit before tax53856942130143
Profit after tax42043131122030
Thumbnail of the Income statement - Adjusted table
Financial reporting year (52 weeks) ended March
Income statement - Reported2016 £m2015 £m2014 £m2013 £m2012 £m
Operating profit before transformation costs485611671598381
Transformation costs(191)(145)(241)(195)(229)
Operating profit after transformation costs294466430403152
Operating specific items(156)(248)1,213(77)(57)
Non-operating specific items29133214182
Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT)1673511,664330227
Finance income/(costs) - mainly net pension interest (non-operating specific item)113756952(230)
Finance costs(13)(26)(67)(99)(100)
Profit/(loss) before tax2674001,666283(53)
Tax (specific items and other)(45)(72)(386)246(51)
Profit/(loss) after tax2223281,280529(104)
Thumbnail of the Income statement - Reported table
Financial reporting year (52 weeks) ended March
Free cash flow12016 £m2015 £m2014 £m2013 £m2012 £m
EBITDA before transformation costs756889940915681
Pension charge to cash difference25712958(3)(9)
Adjusted EBITDA before transformation costs1,0131,018998912672
Trading working capital movements(26)(5)(57)(60)(19)
Total investment(694)(648)(617)(665)(615)
Other (dividends, tax, interest)(39)(50)(67)(81)(87)
In-year trading cash inflow/(outflow)254315257106(49)
Other working capital movements617140202-
Cash cost of operating specific items(6)(8)(35)(26)(37)
Proceeds from disposal of assets/business381293652240
Free cash inflow292453398334154
Thumbnail of the Free cash flow table
  1. An explanation of free cash flow is provided in the Financial Review
At March financial reporting year end date
Balance sheet2016 £m2015 1 £m2014 £m2013 £m2012 £m
Property, plant and equipment2,0001,9331,9891,9161,822
Intangible assets (mainly software)451300195139135
Trade and other receivables1,0389609391,0121,036
Trade and other payables(1,741)(1,708)(1,683)(1,647)(1,548)
Other net (liabilities)/assets(16)(31)(20)-4
Goodwill (mainly relates to GLS)206182197196189
Investments in associates95433
Net operating assets and investments in associates1,7211,4081,3751,3971,456
Cash and cash equivalents368287366351473
Pension escrow investments20202020149
Loans and borrowings(392)(366)(600)(973)(1,522)
Other net financial liabilities(220)(216)(341)(304)(286)
Net debt(224)(275)(555)(906)(1,186)
Deferred tax (liabilities)/assets(460)(504)(175)89(9)
Net assets before pension deficit and pension escrow investments1,037629645580261
Pension surplus/(deficit)3,4303,3671,889825(2,716)
Net assets/(liabilities) 14,4673,9962,5341,405(2,455)
Thumbnail of the Balance sheet table
  1. Restated at 29 March 2015 for change in accounting policy relating to Pensions administration costs
Financial reporting year (52 weeks) ended March
People numbers – year end employees20162015201420132012
UK partially owned subsidiaries3,1363,1993,9994,0303,926
Group total156,535160,518166,251167,616168,444
Thumbnail of the People numbers table

Shareholder information

Financial calendar

Trading update - 19 July 2016
Annual General Meeting - 21 July 2016

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Ex-dividend date - 30 June 2016
Record date - 1 July 2016
Payment date - 29 July 2016

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Forward-looking statements


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